How To Get Medical Marijuana In Lansing

24 Jun

In 2008 the people in Michigan passed a vote on the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act that allows patients to get Medicinal marijuana without fear of being persecuted by authorities. Patients who use the medical marijuana are allowed up to 2.5 oz of marijuana and grow up to 12 plants for medicinal use only. Patients with chronic medical conditions such as cancer, ADHD, brain injury and other diseases listed in the act can now access medical marijuana. To obtain the medical marijuana, you will need a Michigan medical marijuana ID card from the registry. The following are some of the steps to get the ID card.

You will need to get a medical recommendation letter from a licensed medical doctor in Michigan. A diagnosis of the state approved medical conditions will need to be done so that they may confirm indeed you have a situation that is treatable using medical marijuana from

Once you have completed the diagnosis and obtained the letter, you should complete a registry application form with the accurate information of your current medical condition. If there is any false information included in the application, the application is discarded immediately.

As an applicant you are required to check in an amount of 100 US Dollars to the state of Michigan, the price is reduced by up of 75% for patients enrolled in Medicare.

If there will be a designated caregiver you will be required to share if you are making the caregiver solely responsible for supplying, you with the medical marijuana from or if you will be growing your plants.

Once that is done, you should sign the application and indicate the date the request has been made. This authorizes the state to give information about your name and age of birth to the local authorities and law enforcement agencies.

The complete this process you will be required to gather your documents along with the application fee and mail them to the department of community health of Michigan. See this interesting and related post at

The application is reviewed in 15 days where you are notified whether your application was approved or declined, if declined you will receive a letter confirming your denial, and you can reapply after one year. When approved you will receive an ID card from the medical marijuana registry, and you can now find your medical marijuana from a marijuana dispensary. This card will allow you to get the medical marijuana at any time legally.

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